Time is the greatest gain in human life!


Dandabhanga Dham, the land from where Krishna-prema will emanate throughout the whole universe


Dandabhanga Dham has a special privilege for this time particularly


The 5 different manifestations of Vrindavana


There is no more confusion. This Dham is already established


“How can an acarya’s statement come wrong? It can never come wrong.”


“This is Prema Bhumi baba! Try to realize this. You are the luckiest among the lucky”


Time is the greatest gain in human life!

His Grace Sripad Sacinandan Prabhu.

Devotee 1: Prabhu. I wanted to know about what happened to the danda after it reached the shore of Bhrgu Muni’s asrama?


Sacinandan Das: It is presently submerged in the water as per the narration.  


Devotee 2: So it went under the bed of the river?


Sacinandan Das: Yes. But the danda was never broken…Look! Try to realize. Can the danda ever be broken? You see if there is fire in a dry wooden stick and if you break that stick, then, is the fire broken? No. The wooden stick is broken. If this is the case in the material world, then what to speak of the spiritual world. It is completely inconceivable.   Look at the reply given by Lord Nityananda Prabhu to Lord Caitanya. And look what happened in actuality, as per our vision, as narrated. According to everyone’s vision, Lord Nityananda Prabhu after taking advantage of the absence of Lord Caitanya broke the staff into three pieces and threw it into the river. Everyone present over there had seen this.


Nevertheless, when Lord Caitanya asked Lord Nityananda Prabhu for His danda, why did he reply saying, “Oh, Mahaprabhu, the danda could not hold the burden of Your supreme Lordship and Mine as well.” What does it mean? That means externally speaking in a mundane sense, both of Them fell on the danda, the danda could not withstand Their weight and therefore it broke. It was a stick after all. That is why it got broken. But does it mean that! Oh, my Lord! See! See the unlimited mercy. The danda is the epitome of unlimited mercy! Moreover, had the danda been visible to the naked eyes then the law of karma would have been completely disrupted. One may be a murderer, a rapist or a great offender. Who ever he may be. But if he gets the darsana of the danda, then he will be freed from all his karma. The danda is present hear to award you Krishna-prema for sure!


Dedicate yourself to the Dham! Prepare yourself to get the bites of hundreds of mosquitos! Let some ruffians and antisocials come and harass you for money, in a drunken state, but do not become affected. Because you are going to attain supreme goal of life in an uncheckable way for sure. You have to reciprocate to that extent. In Yoga, it is said that yoga cannot take away jiva’s karma. One has to undergo the reaction of his karma in any case. But then what can yoga do?…Some yoga acaryas say like this: if as a reaction to ones prarabdha karma, one is supposed to undergo bodily torture for say 40 years, then by perfect yoga practice, the 40 years duration may be reduced to 10 years, where as the amount of pain however remains the same.


Of course, the rigorous yogic practice provides additional psychophysical strength to withstand the same quantity of pain, which would have come in 40 years, but in reality, comes 4 times greater in degree just within a period of 10 years. So the conclusion they draw is that the amount of pain which someone is supposed to undergo according to his/her prarabdha karma remains the same but the span of suffering gets reduced so as to enable the yogi to take the fullest advantage of his remaining karma free life time.


You know, time is the greatest gain in human life! You can pay trillions of dollars but you cannot buy back even one minute. If today becomes yesterday by tomorrow then you cannot by any means make it today again, Can you? Even if you sell the entire world, because that is beyond your capability. Okay. So in that context we have to see the things.


Here you may get some harassment. Some people are absolutely meant for that. That is the arrangement of Kali and maya. It is stated in the Bhavishya Purana. You sometimes find unexpected trouble. Some very good souls are also there. But the others who are envious, you treat them as being divinely arranged by the Lord to put you under test. You pray: “Oh, Krishna! I don’t have any energy. Please shower your mercy upon me. Oh, Gurudev! Please save me.” Understand, in this way one must practice Krishna consciousness by remaining in this most auspicious Dham. By this process one may or may not see but in actuality, a pure devotee automatically gets the benefit of yoga in term of gaining a karma free lifetime. However, where in case of yoga one can be easily entrapped by maya after achieving mystic perfection, on the other hand in case of a bhakta yogi one takes the advantage to develop the right mood of completely surrendering oneself at the Supreme Divine Lotus feet of Krishna and thus gets himself/herself engaged in loving devotional services, paving the way for the attainment of the supreme perfection of this rarely achieved human birth.


This is the time for the manifestation of this Dham. We want to develop the proper environment and give scope to each and everyone from across the world and even from beyond this planet, who ever may come. We welcome them all! But we must also see that the purity is maintained. In the name of “to welcome”, we cannot allow sense gratification to take place. You understand. We have to very much minutely see this for the ultimate cause.

Dandabhanga Dham, the land from where Krishna-prema will emanate throughout the whole universe

View of Dandabhanga Dham from the west.

Devotee 2: I have a question. I heard of some gosvami who had mentioned that Prema-yuga would start exactly 10 years after the 500th anniversary of Mahaprabhu. In a sense speaking, this Dham was also manifested in the year 1996 which is exactly 510 years after the advent of Sriman Mahaprabhu…


Sacinandan Das: Actually, it is mentioned by one gosvami called Kanupriya Gosvami. But why only Kanupriya Gosvami, this very area from where prema will be spreaded is also narrated in the Padma Purana. If you look into Padma Purana you can find the answer. Once a great Maharaja asked me this question. He asked, “Sacinandan. It is stated in scriptures that if somebody leaves the body at Vraja Mandala, he goes to Vraja. But if somebody leaves the body at Ksetra Mandala (Jagannath Puri), he goes to Vaikuntha. What is your comment on this?” This offender said, “Maharaja. I am a layman. What can I say? But I will say what sastra says.” Maharaja said, “Okay.” Then I said, “Maharaja. What you are saying is right. That is what sastra is saying. But sastra also says far more than that.” He asked, “What is that?” I said, “Maharaja. Look into Padma Purana. It is said:


sampradaya vibhinnamshcha mantrasthe vipala mata utkale purushottama


…that out of many paramparas (disciplic successions) 4 disciplic successions are recommended to be bonafide in the age of Kali. Those four are Sri, Brahma, Rudra and Sanaka. And all these four sampradayas will be united at Purushottama Dham, Sri Jagannath Puri. And from here the Ganga of Krishna-prema will be spreaded all over the world. Where doesKrishna-prema come from? Krishna-prema comes from Krishna Loka. Krishna Loka is simultaneously everywhere and also over there. Both are equally true. One who has gone to that level of Krishna-prema consciousness, for him everything is Krishna’s world. And exclusively Krishnaloka is also Krishna’s world.” Maharaja said, “Yes.”


Rasaraja Mahabhava.

This offender then said, “Not only that, it is also said by many great sadhus that, in Kali-yuga, Vraja Prema will be doubled at Sri Jagannath Puri because this speaks of the Divine Love in the pangs of separation. Thinking of Radharani and hearing the unparallel Radha Prema of inconceivable magnitude, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna along with brother (param tattva) Baladev and sister (Yogamaya) Subhadra Devi have ecstatically expressed Their Maha Bhava Prakasha form, as Their Supreme Lordships Sri Jagannath Baladev and Subhadra Devi.


Again Krishna Himself in form of Sri Krishna Caitanya rushed to this unparallel Sri Purushottama Dham experiencing the mood of Radharani in the intense pangs of separation and in the quest of meeting Sri Jagannath as Sri Syamasundara-Natabara Nagara. So one can see how magnanimously these two supreme Mahabhavs are united here at Sri Purushottama Dham.


So in this way it (radhanugata Krishna-prema) is doubled at Sri Jagannath Dham. And quadrupled at Alarnath Dev. There one can see that Mahaprabhu, at the height of Vipralambha Prema, just slept and rolled on the stone and the entire stone got melted to form the print of Mahaprabhu’s divine body in its entirety. And, as it is said by Srila Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, in Dandabhanga it (gaura-Krishna-prema) is infinite.


That is why he says:


durjana kalmasa tan pranamami sri sacitanayam

(verse in Sri Sacitanayastakam).


And Maharaja that is why I think Bhakti Promod Puri Maharaja, the other great saint, who was the secretary of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur for more than 13 years, decided to stay at Sri Jagannath Puri Dham, till his last breath. Why didn’t he stay at Mayapur? He first said to take him to Mayapur because he wanted to leave his body next to the Samadhi mandir of his prime worshippable Gurudev, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Prabhupadaji Maharaja. Then later on, he expressed his desire to be shifted to Sri Vrindavan Dham, but when he was taken to Vrindavan Dham, finally he asked his disciples to bring him to Sri Jagannath Puri Dham so that he could leave his body over there. And ultimately His Divine Grace did leave his body over there. He left his body at Sri Jagannath Puri Dham.” This adhama thus continued and again said, “Revered Maharaja, we have to look into these matters as well.” Maharaja did not tell me anything.

Dandabhanga Dham has a special privilege for this time particularly

Devotee 2: You were referring to Srila Narotthama Das Thakur when you were explaining to one Maharaja, well you were saying a quote of his relating to this land.


Sacinandan Das: It is Locana Das Thakur, not Narottama Das Thakur. Narrottama Das Thakur, I might have referred to in reference with the philosophical part not referring to the land. In reference with the land I quoted Srila Narada Muni.


Srila Narada Muni and Dhruva Maharaja.

In Srimad-Bhagavatam Narada Muni, you know? When Dhruva Maharaja at a child’s age of 5 years, after being humiliated by his step mother and upon hearing from his mother that it is only the Supreme Lord Hari, Who can remove the miseries and sorrows, and the rsis and munis (the sages and the seers) meditate upon Hari in the jungle. So he entered into the dense jungle and was determined to get Hari.


So Srila Narada Muni appeared in front of him and tried to convince him in the best possible way by saying that it was his age to play with his playmates and not to go for penance and austerities and tapascharana. But after seeing his determination to get Hari, Srila Narada Muni became pleased and gave him initiation with the mantra om namo bhagavate vasudevaya, and then he directed him by thus saying:


tat tata gaccha bhadram te yamunayas tatam suchi punyam madhuvanam yatra sannidhyam nityada hareh


Srila Narada Muni became pleased and gave him initiation...

“My dear boy, I therefore wish all good fortune for you. You should go to the bank of the Yamuna; where there is a virtuous forest named Madhuvana, and there be purified. Just by going there one draws nearer to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who always lives there.” And then he advised: “There you chant this mantra: om namo bhagavate vasudevaya. Very soon you will get Hari.”


I quoted this because I was trying to say that Srila Narada Muni had specifically instructed Dhruva Maharaja to go to Madhuvana. Narada Muni was the seer of the truth. He was well aware that Hari is Omnipresent. If somebody truly calls Hari from the core of his inner soul, then Lord Hari will appear.


Then why did he specifically send him to Madhuvana?   There lies its significance. Because Srila Narada Muni is not an ordinary soul. He is one of the wisest personalities, the greatest among devotees. So there lies the significance of Dham and the Lila Bhumi. In that context, I was narrating. Similarly coming to this point, Dandabhanga has a special privilege for this time particularly.


Their supreme Lordships: Sri Sri Radha Krishna in Vrindavan forest.

The 5 different manifestations of Vrindavana

You know, I narrated that Krishna never leaves Vrindavana. But how can we understand what Vrindavana is? Vrindavan is the holy land of Vrindavana, no doubt. But the holy land is the expansion of Srimati Radharani, having the same potency it can appear anywhere. Understand? If you hear one verse then it will help you to better understand. In one such verse, Krishna is telling Narada: naham tishttani vaikunthe yoginam hridayamscha mad bhakta yatra gananti tatra tishthami narada: I never stay in Vaikuntha, nor do I stay in the heart of yogis. Where ever My pure devotees congregate and chant my glories, there I always reside.” Wherever Krishna remains, Srimati Radharani also comes. And wherever Radha and Krishna are there, that becomes Vrindavana.


One needs to know the real meaning of these verses. Krishna says that He never resides in Vaikuntha. Then who resides in Vaikuntha? Lord Vishnu and Narayana. Are they not Krishna? Krishna Himself appears in the form Narayana and Vishnu. But as Krishna, He doesn’t stay in Vaikuntha but He stays there as Narayana and Visnu. As Krishna, He never stays in the heart of the yogis or for that matter in the heart of any living entity. He stays in their heart as the super soul or paramatma.


But as Krishna, He never leaves Vrindavana. And wherever His pure devotees congregate and sing His glories, there He comes and therefore that is also Vrindavana. There Krishna reciprocates with them and appears. And wherever Krishna comes, Srimati Radharani also comes. And wherever there is Radha and Krishna that becomes Vrindavana. So Vrindavana has many different manifestations. As the self realized sadhus and the pure devotees of Krishna explain, Vrindavan thus reveals at 5 different levels according to the degree of manifestation.


They are:


1. Vibhu Vrindavana


2. Ksetra Vrindavana


3. Dham Vrindavana


4. Puri Vrindavana and


5. Lila Vrindavana, out of which Lila Vrindavana is categorised into 2 parts,




1. Nitya Lila Vrindavana and


2. Param Nitya Lila Vrindavana


Now coming to Vibhu Vrindavana. What does Vibhu Vrindavana mean? To cite an example, a pure devotee like Srila Gurudev or Srila Prabhupada at the time of the installation of the Deities, they offer their prayers for the appearance of Krishna. Because of their pure devotional call the Lord appears. Actually, they are also Radha Priya Sakhis (girlfriend companions of Srimati Radharani). In this way where Krishna is there Radharani is also there and Radha Priya Sakhis are also there. So that becomes Vrindavana. But the effectiveness of that Vrindavana is only felt, in the manifested material world, till the day those pure devotees of the Lord remain physically present or till that height of purity of devotion is maintained. At the absence of both, the effectiveness of Vrindavan gets withdrawn. Therefore this effect will no longer be felt.


What is higher than this Vrindavan is…, I mean higher in the sense the degree of manifestation, is Ksetra Vrindavana. For example Puri is called Sri Ksetra. Ksetra means specific region relating to God and His pastimes. Thus in case of Sri Ksetra, we can see that “Sri” means Laksmi and also “Sri” means the Supreme Laksmi Srimati Radharani. So whether or not you get a pure devotee…pure devotees are there, but even if you fail to get one…even then, if you remain offence free and do your bhajan there then you will get the mercy of Ksetra. So even at the absence of pure devotees, by remaining faithful to your devotional service under the instruction of Sad Guru, if you live in Ksetra you will get its mercy. In a more intimate sense, deeper than that is Dham Vrindavana, like that of Jagannath Puri Dham, Sri Vrindavana Dham, Navadwip Dham. Here Dham means the Ksetra, but it is more confidential and intimate in nature.


Thus, what is more than that is Puri Vrindavana, like that of Seva Kunja Puri, Sri Jagannath Puri and Yoga Pitha Puri etc. And also what is even more important than that in term of the manifestation of Vrindavana is Lila Vrindavana. Lila takes place all the time. But we don’t have the vision to see it. yehi sabu lilar kobu nahi pariched abhirbhav tirobhav kohe matra bedh. There is no end to this Lila. Only appearance and disappearance takes place, in the language of the Vedas. Thus, again the Lila Vrindavana is further categorized into 2 different types according to the level of Their manifestation:


1. Nitya Lila


2. Param Nitya Lila (i.e. eternal Lila and supremely eternal Lila).


The Dandabhanga Lila is of the category of supremely eternal Lila Sthaana (place), (param nitya lila vrindavana). Who says this? A mad offender like Sacinandan is not saying this. Srila Krishna Das Kaviraja Gosvami himself is saying this after being prompted by Sri Sri Madana Mohanaji from the very core of his within. dandabhanga lila ei parama gambhira– supremely deep, supremely immeasurable, supremely grave and supremely hidden. dandabhanga lila– pastime, ei – this, parama gambhir –supremely deep. So this is a unique place. It has just come to the limelight.


The 6 Goswamis.

Like, you know? Till the advent of Sriman Mahaprabhu, hardly anybody had any idea about the exact geographical location of Sri Vrindavana Dham. Mahaprabhu, through His disciples, the 6 Gosvamis, brought this great Dham of Vrindavana into limelight.I will give an example, and then only you all can understand it better.   Once Mahaprabhu had left for Vrindavana from Nilacala Puri with His associates. While moving within Chaurasi Krosha, in Vrindavana, once, leaving His associates, He ran inside a paddy field. Everyone were wonderstruck by seeing what Mahaprabhu was doing.


They could not do anything. All of a sudden Mahaprabhu stopped at a place, and started drinking the water, with great ecstasy. His associates could not understand anything and expressed their astonishment in a loud voice. In response, Sriman Mahaprabhu at that time said, “Oh, My dear friends! You all know for sure that this is that Radha Kunda, which is the dearest and most intimate Lila Bhumi of Their Supreme Lordships Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.” Then subsequently through the prime worshippable Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami, He (Mahaprabhu) brought Sri Radha Kunda into limelight.


Sri Sri Radha Kund, Vrindavan.

You know? How the rich merchant, who was a devotee of Lord Badri Vishal, came…Lord Caitanya is Himself Lord Badri Vishal…And how he (the merchant) was instructed by Lord Badri Vishal who said in the dream to the merchant who was in great danger that in order to save his life, he should proceed to Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami and give all his wealth to him. In this way, he came and gave what ever he had to Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami and in turn Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami used the same for bringing Sri Radha Kunda into limelight.   Because he gave all his money to Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami, and since all his money was rightly used, he achieved the destination of Goloka Vrindavana. This was because he became the means to bring the Dham to limelight. Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami, even though previously who was extremely rich, had given up everything for the supreme cause of Krishna-prema, He (Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami) used this money of the merchant by the way of rendering services to the Dham and bringing the Dham into limelight.

There is no more confusion. This Dham is already established

Before the advent of Mahaprabhu when somebody asked where Radha Kunda was, someone would say, “Oh! I have read in Srimad-Bhagavatam that it is somewhere in North India, perhaps on the bank of river Yamuna and so on and so forth.” But, only because Mahaprabhu had brought it to limelight, now the people across the whole world know where Radha Kunda exactly is. Understand. This is the narration of sastra baba! No one is saying this out of mental concoction. This is sastra. You cannot deny it. Who ever you may be, how ever great you may be. How can you say no to sastra! This is already established baba! Similarly, Srila Rupa Gosvami and Srila Sanatana Gosvami were the chief instruments in the arrangement of Sriman Mahaprabhu to bring the great Sri Vrindavana Dham into limelight. That is why it is said in sastra that:


vande rupa-sanatana dui mahasaya vrindavana bhumi jehu karila nirnaya.


“I humbly offer my obeisances unto those great authorities who have succeeded in locating the sacred Sri Vrindavana Dham.” I‘ll tell you, even the appearance place of Mahaprabhu is under confusion. Some say that it is Yoga Peeta, by quoting to Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, we are all in his dhaara (line). But some others present very good logic that the appearance place of Lord Caitanya is in Navadwip. At least in a mundane sense one may get confused. But here both in spiritual sense and mundane sense, the factual location of this great Dham is already established.   See, for example, as my Gurudev used to say like this…Let me say, “Oh, Ben! Go and get 1kg of beans. “ But Ben had still not gone. So this time I change my mind and say again: “Oh, Ben. You have not gone? Okay, no problem. Don’t go and get 1kg of beans, but this time go and get 1kg of tomatoes instead.” Which order will you now carry out? It is the tomatoes, because it was said subsequently.


Did you understand? So purbat parabidhi balaban. The latter statement is stronger than the earlier.   Sri Caitanya-caritamrta came after the narration of Sri Caitanya-bhagavata. But ironically, Sri Caitanya-caritamrtacame through the direct channel. That was first from Lord Madana Mohana, who is Mahaprabhu Himself. Krishna Das Kaviraja Gosvami has himself admitted this and said, “Whatsoever He is directing me, by sitting inside my within, that itself I am writing down. I am just like a machine. Automatically it is being written down.” Then from another points of view. Though Sri Caitanya-caritamrta was compiled after Sri Caitanya-bhagavata, it was still through the direct channel. How? Srila Svarupa Damodara Swami was eternally witnessing the lila of Sriman Mahaprabhu and conveyed the same to Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami. And Srila Raghunath Das Gosvami in turn got it conveyed to Srila Krishna Das Kaviraja Gosvami. But Srila Vrindavan Das Thakur did not hear it directly like this. He got to hear only from the visitors of Gauda Desa. Some of them saw and also some of them did not see but it is said that he heard it from such and such visitors who had been with Mahaprabhu, this and that. So there was every chance of a mistake. Well they are great acaryas you know. But you can still very well see this possibility.


On the other hand, this is totally and simply an undisputed Lila Bhumi of Sriman Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda Prabhu. Sri Dandabhanga Gopinath is there, Lord Kapatesvara Mahadev is there, river Dandabhanga is there, Attaranala is there, Bhrgu Muni’s asrama is there, Bhuda Linga Pattana Mahadev is there. What else is needed? They are all there.

“How can an acarya’s statement come wrong? It can never come wrong”

Devotee 2: My question is, how can the statement of an acarya, like Srila Vrindavan Das Thakur, come wrong?


Sacinandan Das: It is never wrong. You see, vaishnaver kriya mudra vighye na bhujay. Sometimes Krishna energizes His internal potency, Yogamaya, to make Him forget, so that He could relish the mellow in lila. No one can make Krishna forget. Only Krishna himself can make him forget by energizing his own internal potency. In the lila, Krishna can energize his Yogamaya to make Him forget that He is Krishna so that He could relish His own lila. You know. As a kid, Krishna was being chased by mother Yasoda. We cannot conceive it because it is completely related to Krishna-prema, which is far beyond the reach of our ultimate limit of mind and heart.   Similarly by the arrangement of providence, it happens that the eternal associates of Krishna are purposely placed in that situation so that Dandabhanga could be remained hidden for some period of time and when it comes to limelight the Prema-yuga begins.

“This is Prema Bhumi baba! Try to realize this. You are the luckiest among the lucky”

This is relating to Krishna-prema baba! You just try to apply your wisdom, Kiran! Where is it?! Dandabhanga Gopinath! Who awards Prema?!


Devotee 2: Dandabhanga Gopinath.


Sacinandan Das: Gopinath awards Prema. There are 3 tattvas: sambandha, abidheya and prayojana. sambandha is krishna sambandha. Relationship with Krishna, abidheya means bhakti. The medium is bhakti. Bhakti is awarded by Govinda Dev, Radha Govinda Dev. What is needed for bhakti? Prema!! Priti. Who awards that? Gopinath, Radha Gopinath. Therefore, Radha Gopinath is here, Lalita Radha Gopinath. Maharaja Prathap Rudra Dev established Them by being prompted, from within, by the Supreme Lord Gopinath who is Sri Jagannath Himself. This is Prema Bhumi baba! You try to realize this. You are the luckiest among the lucky. The entire world may not realize. Who cares? The entire world may criticize by saying, “He is a fraud! fraud!” It is up to one’s own reasoning to believe what is the truth. Ask your within. Krishna is there as the super soul. Understand?…


Devotee 2: I got information from a devotee who said that Babaji Maharaja had once mentioned, from a 1100 years old manuscript, that after the advent of Lord Caitanya, 510 years later, a Supreme Dham will get revealed to the whole world and at that time Prema-yuga would also begin. Is it true?


Sacinandan Das: Yes. Actually Babaji Maharaja had braught a very old manuscript. It was written thousands of years back. It was so very old that the parts of the manuscript were flying away. For this reason no one could read it. We tried reading it using a magnifying glass. While searching we found one page, which spoke of prema. About how prema will emanate from Dandabhanga. We tried but we couldn’t read it. But in the process we came across another very old manuscript. We took the help of the best manuscript reader. He was like a freelance journalist. He was a freelance reader. In fact the Government of India made requisition of his services to read manuscripts and gave money. He was a very independent type of character and we took the help of him at that time. Those manuscript pages were torn to pieces. He joined all of them, not by hand but by some special stick and sprayed some sort of liquid in order to ensure that the pieces of script stayed close to each other. Then he reads it out and we discovered its meaning.


In the beginning, it spoke of the sloka of Padma Purana:


sampradaya vibinamshcha mantraste viphala matah athou kalau bhavishyanti chatvara sampradayane sri brahma rudra sanaka vaisnava kshiti pavana chatvaraste kalau bhavyat utkale purushttamat


That in Purushottama Dham all the 4 paramparas will get united and the Ganga of Krishna-prema will be spread. On that context the message said, “Krishna is always present. Krishna is present in His most supremely merciful form of Sri Jagannath. That is the Supreme ecstatic expansion of Krishna. That is the Maha Bhava Prakash of Lord Krishna in the pangs of separation from Srimati Radharani. And Sri Caitanya in the pangs of separation from Lord Sri Krishna is also Maha Bhava. Therefore Purushottama Dham is the Union of 2 Maha Bhavas. And that Maha Bhava in the form of Daaru Brahma (wood) (i.e.) Jagannath, is still there. And when Mahaprabhu winded up His Lila, He merged with that Daaru Brahma.


But Mahaprabhu before getting Himself merged in the Daaru Brahma, already in the form of Daaru Brahma (wood) placed Himself as the danda (wooden staff). Therefore in this way the message of the manuscript is that the Maha Bhava Prema from the ecstatic form of the Supreme Lord Jagannath together with the ecstatic form of Srimati Radharani in the pangs of separation expressed by the mood of Mahaprabhu will spread everywhere from the site where the Dandabhanga Pastime had taken place.   It was also stated that five hundred or some years after the advent of Lord Caitanya, a Dham would manifest. A Dham meant to spread prema will manifest. This was stated. That is why it has to be rightly addressed as Prema Bhumi.

Devotee 2: Was it not mentioned as Dandabhanga?


Sacinandan Das: Of course, that itself means Dandabhanga. It is mentioned that a Dham will manifest. Before reaching Puri, Mahaprabhu had already installed Himself in the form of Daaru (wood), which is nothing but the wooden staff (danda). That is what happened. That is why Dandabhanga Dham must be addressed as Prema Dham or Prema Bhumi.   Then there were many discussions between Babaji Maharaja and us. Babaji Maharaja referred to the prayers of Srila SarvaBhauma Bhattacarya that were made to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. That is:


durjana-kalmasha-khandana-dandam tam pranamaami cha sri saci-tanayam


I offer my obeisances to Saci-tanaya Sri Gaurahari who holds a danda (staff) that vanquishes the sins of the wicked. Mahaprabhu has three names taken from the Sri Caitanya sahasranama.One of His names is Dandadrk which means “holder of the danda”. Then comes Nyastadanda which means “installer of the danda”. And He is both Installer of the danda and the holder of the danda where He and His danda are non different from each other. Therefore, in this way He remains present in the form of His danda with all His tattvas to spread Krishna-prema.   Now coming to this point where it is stated that after the advent of Mahaprabhu, 500 or some years later, the Dham will manifest. Surprisingly that actually happened. You see.


In 1986, we celebrated Mahaprabhu’s 500th Appearance Anniversary. In 1996, Srila Gurudev left this planet. And in the same year of 1996 Babaji Maharaja had brought this Lila Bhumi to us after being revealed to him in 1995. Therefore, that is how Dham manifested exactly 510 years later after the Advent of Sriman Mahaprabhu… Srila Sivarama Swami had recorded all these discussions. For hours and hours we used to discuss these things. Srila Sivarama Swami Maharaja would ask questions, I used to translate and Babaji Maharaja would answer.


Devotee 2: Do you know the name of that manuscript?


Sacinandan Das: Well the name I don’t remember. I have so many manuscripts with me at present. They are too old you know. That manuscript has a picture of Mahaprabhu holding the danda and also a picture of Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu and associates engaged in ecstatic harinama sankirtana at Dandabhanga Dham.