The shrine of Goddess Varahi.

Sacinandan Das: …about Yagnasni Varahi Devi many things are told, many interesting things are told. I would like to narrate to you one of those things. That is about its relationship with Parasurama. Actually, Parasuramji under the order of his father, Yamadagni Rsi, beheaded his mother. Of course later when he found that his father was pleased and offered him to ask for a boon, he asked to return back the life of his mother and that is how his mother’s life came back. But initially under the order of Yamadagni, he beheaded his mother. So the parasu (axe), which was his weapon, had carried the sins for not only beheading his own mother but also the sins accumulated by the killing of the notorious ksatriyas 21 times in order to see that the world be freed from tyranny.


As a result of this, no one was prepared to hold the parasu of Parasurama, especially because it was used to kill his own mother. The parasu became very heavy due to the amount of sins accumulated in it.


Therefore, nowhere in the whole world was Parasurama able to give up his axe, because the axe was so heavy in terms of the sins it carried. But somehow or the other by the arrangement of providence he could realize that only in Sri Purushottama Dham it would be possible. He could realize it because he is a saktyavesa avatara of the Lord Himself. In that way, he reached Purushottama Dham and started searching for the place at which he could hand over his axe. And thus, He searched and found the temple of Yagnasini Varahi Devi who could hold the axe from Lord Parasuramaji.


Devotee: Who is Varahi Devi?


Her temple.

Sacinanadan Das: She is an incarnation of Durga Devi. Sometimes you can see Durga Devi with Madhava who is Lord Jagannath Himself. Thus, They are popularly addressed as Sri Sri Durga Madhava. So there, mother Durga Devi in her incarnation as Varahi is so named as the source of which has been derived from Lord Varaha Dev. Varaha avatara is the avatara of Lord Vishnu. So Parasurama is a saktyavesa avatara and that place was a siddha pittha.


Also in lower tantra, during those days there were animal sacrifices being conducted before that form of Durga Devi. As you know Durga Devi has many different forms. There is its own science and all that. Anyhow, in this way, Parasurama handed over the parasu to Varahi Devi and there she could hold it. That is why even now you can see her holding a parasu. Have you seen it? This Deity is extremely ancient. But still you can make it out. It has also got another beautiful story, but I’ve looked…


Devotee: But finally Parasurama gave up his parasu over there?


Sacinandan Das: Yes.


Devotee: But I had heard that, Parasurama finally threw his parasu towards the south of India, over the Arabian sea, by which the sea out of fear left the land that it was occupying. Hence, land was formed over there, which is now called as the Parasurama Ksetra. Presently known as the Konkan Coast.


Sacinandan Das: Konkan coast.


Devotee: Yes.


Sacinandan Das: You see. The Lord’s lila takes place in different kalpas and in different places. This one such pastime is in regard to Dandabhanga Dham where Yagnasini Varahi Devi is there. These are one of the sayings. There is another beautiful story, which I heard. But, at present, I am searching for scriptural evidence to support it. At present, I don’t like to speak on it because I have not got the proper scriptural evidence.


But the one, which I told you at first, was heard when I first went there. I did not make any specific research, but I associated with old saintly and scholarly people, who were devotionally advanced like that of Babaji Maharaja. I feel that many of them, at present, might have left their bodies. They were very old, around hundred years old. From them I’ve gathered this information.