It is said in Sri Caitanya Chakada:


budhalinga pattanare nama sankirtana
anandare nishi puhaila mahajana

(Sri Caitanya Chakada)


Translation: The Supreme Lord along with his associates had blissfully spent the whole night at Budha Linga Pattana, in performing ecstatic harinama sankirtana. This place was at that time popularly known as Budha Linga Pattana due to the presence of a Shiva Lingam named Budha Linga Mahadev. In Sri Murari Gupta Kadacha there is a verse, which states as follows:


punyan shivasyanyatamanscha lingaan vilokya
harshena namam punaryayau
nadim mahaviryavatim sa barghavim
tasyaam krta snana-vidhihi punaryayau

(Murari Gupta Kadacha, 4th prakrama, 10th sarga)


The Temple of Sri Budha Linga Mahadev.

Translation: On the way to Sri Jagannath Puri, the Lord took pleasing darsana of various Siva lingam and after paying obeiscances unto them; he took bath in the glorious river Bhargavi and then proceeded further. The Lingam of Lord Sri Budha Linga Mahadev.


Hence, from this we can conclude that Mahaprabhu had also taken the darsana of the Siva lingam known as Budha Linga Mahadev, which was very close to the river Bhargavi. The most extraordinary feature of this lingam is that it is growing bigger and bigger over the passage of time. Its growth is presently uncheckable. In the very beginning it was named as Dadhi Bhandesvara. But soon its name was changed to Budha Linga, meaning “the growing lingam”.


“Budha Linga Pokhari”, the sacred pond adjacent to this temple.

The old people of the town who remember seeing this lingam 50 years ago describe it as being much bigger than what it was before. There were also some scholars in the past who came and carried out research into this most extraordinary phenomenon. They recorded its size in their traveling documents and left, but a decade later, when they returned; they surprisingly found its size to be much bigger than what it was previously.


Finally, in their report, they described the lingam as being very mysterious. Henceforth, it is now an established fact that the lingam is ever expanding.


This Siva lingam is also accompanied by a very beautiful story. About 600 years ago there used to live a curd seller by the name Mura, who used to daily travel to the village of Kamalapur to sell his curds. His curd business flourished a lot during the burning hot summer. As a result of this he used to earn a lot of money.


The Lingam of Lord Sri Budha Linga Mahadev

However, one day, after having had much business, while returning back home, he came across a strange scene. He saw a big golden hen moving right in front of him. Seeing this, his greed knew no bounds and he ran behind that hen like a mad man. He finally succeeded to trap it by covering it with his pot of money. He became very happy and, in a relaxed mood, left his pot and went to a nearby pond to take a bath.


When he returned back he surprisingly found that the pot had caught on to the ground tightly. He tried very hard to lift it but he could not succeed. He struggled with it for hours and hours but could not lift it even an inch. Finally, he became so frustrated that he thumped the pot very hard using his heavy silver bracelet. While doing this, the pot began to bleed like a river and the trees around it started shedding flowers out of pain.


Mura could realize that it was no longer possible because his pot had manifested itself as a lingam. He returned back to his house and went to bed, in great distress, without having anything to eat. Fortunately, that night Lord Sivaji personally appeared in his dream and consoled him by saying that what was done was for his own good.


On that very night Lord Sivaji also appeared in the dream of his dear most devotee named Hiramani and instructed him to construct a temple for this lingam. In this way, the temple was built and Hiramani received the incredible mercy of Lord Sivaji.


There is also a wonderful boon given by Lord Sivaji at this place. That is, if anyone practices purity and comes here with full faith, begging for any material wish, then by the mercy of Lord Budha Linga Mahadev that wish gets immediately fulfilled. That is why, even now a days, we can see so many people flocking there mainly to fulfill their material desires.