Devotee: I want to know the history of all the ancient temples that are around Dandabhanga Bhumi?


Sacinandan Das: Yes. Actually, I can tell you, a little about those temples, as far as my knowledge is concerned. Sakshi Gopal, as you know, is known to all. But that is a bit away from here. Surrounding Dandabhanga, we find Dandabhanga Gopinath; you can also find Ganga Narayanjiu, Varahi Devi, Bhrgu Muni’s asrama, Kapatesvara Mahadev and Budha Linga Pattana Mahadev. I can describe a bit as I heard about all these.


Lord Bali Kapilesvara Mahadev.

Devotee: Bali Kapilesvara Mahadev?


Sacinandan Das: Bali Kapilesvara Mahadev as I heard, But I have not read from anywhere. That which I am going to say is of what I heard from the old and the young people of this area as well. Actually, I had heard from many old people. This was when I first used to come and visit Dandabhanga. I think many of those old people by now might have left their bodies. So what happened was…Do you know “Bali”. “Bali” means sand in Oriya. They told me that even during their childhood days, those areas were covered up by sands only. Even Babaji Maharaja told me in 1995 when there was no road in existence that area was full of sand. It was a river embankment.


Therefore, in the midst of sand, as I was told, once a great devotee of Lord Siva was on his way to Kapatesvara Mahadev. And on his way he amazingly got the personal darsana of Sivaji. In this way, after Lord Sivaji gave his darsana, he immediately turned and formed into the shape of his lingam.


Remember, this was only what I heard from old people. I have not gone through any scripture.So this devotee after getting the darsana of Lord Sivaji could realize the glories of this area. So for that reason he informed the people around and they came and dug the sands. This was long back, hundreds of years back, when the present Deities of Lord Sivaji, Mother Parvathi, and Ganeshji etc. had been excavated. And as I was also told, people during those days used to walk over these sands because there was no blacktopped road and all that.


Due to this, many times their muscles would be affected. So at that time what they used to do was they would bring some sand close to the shrine of Lord Sivaji (Bali Kapilesvara), then they would remember the Lord and say, “Oh Lord! You please save us.” and then rub the sand over the affected region of their body. In that way, the pain would go away. That was what I was told. Surprisingly, even now also, at present we can see the local people and pilgrims following this same tradition.


Kapilesvara is the other name of Lord Sivaji. That is how it came to be known as Bali Kapilesvara Mahadev. But the name Kapilesvara also carries some other meaning. As you know, Lord Sivaji has many names. Why particularly the name Kapilesvara was given remains a mystery. Actually, Kapilesvara was also worshipped by great Kapila Muni. Kapila Muni is the incarnation of God. Therefore, it could also have some relationship with Kapila Muni. But this is what I heard so far.