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I am the servant of Thakura Sri Narahari, Who is the master of my life. The desire of all my desires, I place at His Lotus Feet; which is that this vile creature (myself) might describe something about the wonderful qualities of Sri Gaurasundara. In this expectation, He is my only refuge.” [Sri Caitanya-Mangala, Sattva Khanda].


His father’s name was Sri Kamalakara Dasa and his mother’s name, Sri Sadananda. He was the only son of his parents. He was raised in his maternal grandfather’s home and his education was completed there. He was married at a very young age. From his youth he was very attached to Sri Gaurasundara and consequently very disinterested in material life, though he was surrounded by family, friends and society. In his youth he spent the major part of his time at his guru’s Sripat, Srikhanda, where he learned how to do kirtana.


He composed Sri Caitanya Mangala from the diary of Sri Murari Gupta. “Murari Gupta, who resides at Nadia, composed many beautiful verses about the life of Sri Gauranga. These include the youthful pastimes of Nimai, which Murari Gupta personally took part in, and His later pastime in Nilacala, after He accepted sannyasa, which were narrated by Sri Damodara Pandita. Having heard these verses of Murari Gupta, composed in sanskrit, I have become very attracted and so I have composed them in the village folk poetry meter of Bengali.”


In East Bengal there are many village poets, who sing in various meters known as Laksmir Panchali, Sanir Panchali and Manasa Bhasan. Locana Dasa Thakura has composed Sri Caitanya Mangala in the meter of these folk poems. Panchali contains five various kinds of meters.


Sri Vrindavana Dasa Thakura’s composition on the pastimes of Sri Gaurasundara was originally entitled Caitanya Mangala, but later on the name was changed to Caitanya-bhagavata. Those pastimes which were not described in full by Srila Vrindavana Dasa Thakura, Locana Dasa have described in his Caitanya Mangala. In the invocation of this work, he has first offered his obeisances to Srila Vrindavana Dasa Thakura, “Whose Caitanya-bhagavata has enamored the entire world.”