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In Sri Caitanya Mangala, written by Srila Locana Das Thakur, Mahaprabhu, at the time of acceptance of His sannyasa (while receiving the danda), is described as addressing His danda with the following verse:


ami ye sakala chadi karilu sannyasa
tumi na chadile more janme ajnme vamsa
rama avatare tumi dhanuka hayan
rahile amare hate dustera lagiya
krsna avatare vamsi haya mora kare
mohita karila tume akhila samsare
ebe danda hayan mora aila karete
kali yuge pasanda dalana hetu rite

(Sri Caitanya Mangala, Madhya Khanda, Atirikta paat)

Translation: “Oh, My danda! I am amazed to see that although I have given up everything by becoming a sannyasi, still you have never left Me but instead remained with Me life after life. When I was traveling in the forest as Lord Sri Ramacandra, you were always in My hand as My bow and arrow. And also during My Lila Purushottama pastime of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, you were always there in My hand as My flute captivating the entire world with Krishna-prema. And now after I have given up everything, still you have never given Me up and thus you remain with Me as My danda in order to vanquish the bogus philosophies of pasandis (the atheists) in Kali-yuga.”