The Dandabhanga Lila Tirtha.

What are the aims?


Sacinandan Das: Well, we are trying to develop Dandabhanga in accordance with our own inner feelings to please Guru and Krishna and also in accordance with Babaji Maharaja’s desire. We want to develop it in a very natural and sattvic (mode of goodness) way. We want to make substantial plantations of Vedic trees and see to that structures in the form of temples, brahmacari kutirs and guesthouses meant for sannyasis, visitors etc. be made in a very natural way.


We also want to build the temples by special temple stones (sandstones) or Khandolite stones, surrounded by trees and creepers, with sacred rivers on both sides (i.e.) Bhargavi and Dandabhanga. You know, river Barghavi and Dandabhanga are proved in accordance with scriptures as the manifestations of Ganga and Yamuna. In this way, we want to bring about the right environment for an ideal devotee life.


We also want to ensure that the external environmental presentability be supported equally by the presence of pure devotees in terms of practicing devotional life in a pure manner (i.e.) by being offence free etc. If it can be developed in this way then it will surely be a source of inspiration for all the serious seekers of truth (Krishna-prema).


Our vision is based upon conceiving developmental activities in the form of bringing up temples, bringing up Srila Prabhupada’s Vedic Library, then Srila Gurudev’s pushpa samadhi, brahmacari kutirs, guesthouses, an ideal restaurant and bathing ghats etc. in a manner where it could have its own distinctive character.


The top view plan of Sri Dandabhanga Dham (Dandabhanga Development Project), which consists of the Temple of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath, the Temple of Lord Sivaji, the Gundicha Mandir, a 24-hour Harinam Mandap, a Brahmahari Kutir, a gosala, Srila Prabhupada’s Vedic library, Srila Gurudev’s Puspa Samadhi Mandir, 2 huge Snana Ghats (for river Ganga and Yamuna), guest houses, sannyasi quarters and Grhasta quarters (which is on the other side of the river). The total estimate of the project comes to around a minimum of Rs 30,000,000/-.

We want to make sure that who ever enters should feel like as if they are in a completely different world. They should feel like as if they have entered the spiritual world. The environment should create an affect to the inner soul and must be able to speak for itself. We also want to see that the devotees here remain simple and pure hearted in such a way that their qualities may be able to reciprocate with the environment around. We have a plan for 24 hours harinama sankirtana. We also have a plan to daily conduct a two time gayatri yagna (fire sacrifice) and as Babaji Maharaja wishes, we are going to make the arrangement for the arati of Yamuna, on the bank of river Dandabhanga, in the evening especially.


The future temple of Radha Gopinath.


The Bhaktivedanta Library.


The prasad hall.

We have plans for opening our Srila Gurudev’s pushpa samadhi, Srila Prabhupada’s Vedic library and temples to house Their Supreme Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gopinath, Sri Jagannath, Baladev, Subadhra Maa, Sudharsan, Gaura Nitai, Lord Narasingha Dev, Ladu Gopal, saligrama sila, Giriraj Sila, Gauranga sila etc. Then to establish a Gundicha temple for their Lordships Sri Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra Maa when they make Their journey from Nilacala to Gundicha Mandir (i.e.) symbolically Kuruksetra to Vrajamandala (after the annasara period). That is the concept for the establishment of Gundicha Mandir.


The place where the foundation stone was laid.

In future we want to make sure that the restaurant gets shifted here. Moreover, across the river we would also like to develop a mataji’s asrama with enough security for those who are truly serious in spiritual life and lastly, we have a plan to develop a grhastha vaisnava colony housing project. Each plot can permit it. This is the goal.


However, to accomplish this we need a lot of money. Actually, the foundation stone was earlier laid at one place. At first, this was the original place where the temple was supposed to be built. But, it proved to be very costly for us. We realized that we were struggling so hard but getting very little in return. Therefore, we thought that it would not be possible for us to build this temple within our lifetime. For this reason, we decided to get a solution by consulting the sadhus. After consulting from them, we got the confirmation that in shilpa sastra permission is given to shift a foundation only once and not more than once.


That is, let us assume that the foundation stone is laid here. We say, we dig upto 8 feet and place the Anantadev sila (foundation stone) for the temple to be built. However, after some time, for some necessary reason, if a decision is made to shift the whole foundation to a different place, then in accordance with shilpa sastra it can be shifted only once and not more than once.


The temple deities of Radha Gopinath.

Therefore, since we already have a small home for Their supreme Lordships Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladev, Subadhra Maa and Sudarsana, we thought of replacing it with the temple of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath. They are the givers of prema.


You know? Radha Madan Mohana, Radha Govindaji and Radha Gopinath. They signify the tattvas of sambandha, abidheya and prayojana respectively. prayojana, which is the most crucial, is prema.


So prema is sanctioned by Sri Radha Gopinath. That is why Maharaja Prathap Rudra Dev had established Sri Dandabhanga Gopinath on the other side of the river 500 years ago. Therefore our presiding Deities over here will be Sri Radha Gopinath. We have just started by bringing the stones needed to build this temple. We have also planned to build a little smaller temple of Their Lordships Sri Sri Gaura Nitai next to this temple. 


The deity of Dandabhanga Gopinath established 500 years ago...

The saint, who had actually helped us a lot and to whom we are very much grateful, had estimated the cost to a very high figure. But at present, we have reduced it a lot.


Lord Caitanya.

Now we feel that we need at least a minimum of 25 to 30 million rupees to do all these jobs, including the boundary walls here and there along with a small shrine for Lord Sivaji. Therefore, we are planning like that.
Of course, my heart is saying that if at all somebody can take advantage by sharing these activities, then surely he will gain the unique mercy of Sriman Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda Prabhu. This is my strong feeling.


Devotee: What is your expectation from the people in general?


Sacinandan Das: Well, we will feel that our effort has attained the supreme success if the people will spiritually be attracted, realizing about the higher reality of their own self and take advantage of this rarely achieved human birth by leading the life of a pure devotee in order to make onward progress towards the attainment of Krishna-prema which is the supreme goal of life. That is our expectation.